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For all foreclosure case, our law firm does not charge for an initial consultation. Contact us to learn about your rights and the foreclosure process.

Residential and Commercial Foreclosures

Our law firm can evaluate your foreclosure case to determine and assist with your best course of action.  Our attorneys will litigation your case to protect and defend your interests.  Our staff can also assist with loss mitigation options such as loan modification and short sales.


If you would like to receive updates on foreclosure case law, complete the contact form above for those updates.


By completing the form, you authorize our law firm to follow up and contact you to check on how you are doing.

Residential and Commercial Evictions

Our law firm can assist with eviction, ejectment and unlawful detainer actions.  If your possessory rights or other real property interests are in jeopardy, contact our law firm to obtain legal representation to protect your interest.

Litigation and Transaction Practice


At the law offices of Hagen & Hagen, P.A., our firm assists our clients with all litigation and transactional matters.  If you need reliable, honest advice, contact our law firm for a free initial consultation.

Litigation cases could include contract disputes, collection matters, personal injury and any other cases that are in court or where you have been threatened by legal action.

Transactional matters includes real estate transactions such as the purchase and sale of commercial or residential property as well as for business transactions including the preparation of legal documents.

Super Law Advice - South Florida Attorney Discusses Foreclosure Defense
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